Flipped Learning · Innovation plan

6 sources of Influence

Before we can prepare our students to be successful in a technology integrated world, we must first take a look at ourselves and ask if our behavior and learning philosophy supports this target? We cannot become an overnight success as coaches of learning unless we are conscious about the shifts that need to take place within us. Vital behaviors are repeated significant actions that take place at crucial moments in time, that lead to your desired results. I have outlined the changes that need to take place in order for my innovation plan to be successful.

Focused and measurable goals:

Increase small group/guided instruction by 3 hours per week. This can be achieved by implementing a flipped classroom style of learning so that students receive their content taught online before receiving support and practice in the classroom

My organizational influencers are myself, our school administration, and teachers.  

Motivation Ability

Teachers are in a consistent need of more small group time with students who are performing below grade level. Administration is implementing daily interventions inside the classroom.

I will model an example of flipped learning with my students to demonstrate this style of learning in station rotations.  

Focusing on the opinion leaders in my school as my cohort members. These teachers will be the first to incorporate the flipped learning stations in their classroom. They will have me as their coach to support them with planning and implementing, as well as practicing the same learning styles with them.  We will also discuss ways to give their grade level teams updates and support.  

Cohort members will meet with me at the end of the week to reflect, train, and discuss. We will watch examples from the week’s highlights. We will also reiterate our professional goals and document our progress towards these goals. I will record their efforts and follow up to receive feedback.

Teachers are able to perform higher according to the new evaluation system which emphasizes integrated technology.

Growth on assessments

Teachers will have the skills to transform their classrooms and coach others for the purposes of integrating technology.
Vital Behaviors Desired Results
Teacher will create a system for rotating stations Familiarize students with working independently and in small groups
Teachers will integrate technology into the daily workstation rotation students will be exposed and have access to technology regularly
Students watch videos to introduce specific content Students will be prepared for guided instruction. (discussing questions or concerns,check for understanding.)

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Flipped Learning · Innovation plan

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Flipped Learning · Innovation plan

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Reflection: The story behind the story

The Why –

I actually did not have a pleasant learning experience as a student in elementary school, specifically 5th grade. I never received one-on-one or small group time with my teacher. If I needed something retaught, chances are that she never knew because I became pretty good at being discreet about my weaknesses. She probably only retaught material if the majority of the class did not score satisfactory on the assessments. But I’m sure you’ve guess by now that I was definitely not apart of that majority.  I was raised by my single mother who was hardly available to help me with homework. A lack of higher education meant a lack of options for her, so mom had to work full time and sometimes work two jobs to support her family of five.

Today, technology gives teachers the chance to have an online presence outside of school  and a chance to work closely with them inside of school to guide their learning. Flipped learning is an excellent way to provide a support system for families.

The How –

I used Window Media Maker to create my video. I began by writing my script first, finding visuals to correspond with my script, and then I moved to recording. This was extremely trying and I needed several takes before I had a decent recording. My microphone also wasn’t cooperating because I had to configure it before it would let me record. I’m glad I was able to troubleshoot by myself during my first movie. This whole experience was definitely a “stretch” for me.