Continued Learning · Innovation plan

Purpose, Process, Results…

This semester I am digging deeper into leading organizational change, and we began with an analysis of my purpose for wanting to influence a change in my professional environment. Along with identifying my WHY (purpose), I am also identifying the process or how I wish to accomplish my goals, and what I am trying to achieve.

Here is the breakdown….

Why -To provide public school students with a quality education that prepares them to live in a technology integrated world.

How – Design lessons and classrooms to support a student-centered learning environment. 

What – Use new tools to provide new experiences for students. This will also promote higher level thinking that stretches beyond the classroom. 

Most of my colleagues do not have a sense of urgency in regards to changing their classroom culture. Change is a very difficult concept. Even when people understand that change is necessary, putting the concept into motion is a challenge. Before I can even think about getting to that point, I have to remind myself that I am starting from scratch. Right now, my focus is how do I establish a sense of urgency within my professional environment? It’s an environment where so much is already asked from the teachers. Every day we are faced with more demands, yet the hours in our day stay the same. Teachers feel over worked and underappreciated. Creating the sense of urgency without increasing their level of anxiety will not be an easy task. Thankfully I know that the head won’t go where the heart hasn’t already been.

At the heart of every teacher is their passion to make others aware of their full potential. Reminding teachers of our WHY, will not be difficult because this already lies within them. I know this is step 1 to establishing a sense of urgency. We all have the desire to provide all students with a quality education, regardless of their disadvantages. Integrated technology falls within that definition as well and I believe my colleagues have never had this perspective before. If I can find a way to communicate that integrating technology will prepare our students to live in a technology driven world then, I know they would see the urgency.

Previously designed lessons that include student samples, video tutorials, and teacher reflections will be significant in reducing the amount of anger or frustration that comes along with new ideas. Modeling HOW to use modified lessons to create a learner-centered environment should also help ease any negativity.

A system for continuous PD will be a great way to demonstrate WHAT to use inside the classroom. New tools can provide new experiences for students in a way that will allow them to make meaningful connections in the real world. Dr. John Kotter’s video Leading Change:Establish a Sense of Urgency is an excellent resource for creating a solid foundation for organizational change.


Dr. John Kotter. Leading Change: Establish a Sense of Urgency [Video file]. (2013, August 15). Retrieved from



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