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Dare you to Flip

Integrating technology is more than just substitution. Giving students a voice, increasing collaboration, and allowing more time for guided application are pretty significant benefits. I dare you to flip…



Reflection: The story behind the story

The Why –

I actually did not have a pleasant learning experience as a student in elementary school, specifically 5th grade. I never received one-on-one or small group time with my teacher. If I needed something retaught, chances are that she never knew because I became pretty good at being discreet about my weaknesses. She probably only retaught material if the majority of the class did not score satisfactory on the assessments. But I’m sure you’ve guess by now that I was definitely not apart of that majority.  I was raised by my single mother who was hardly available to help me with homework. A lack of higher education meant a lack of options for her, so mom had to work full time and sometimes work two jobs to support her family of five.

Today, technology gives teachers the chance to have an online presence outside of school  and a chance to work closely with them inside of school to guide their learning. Flipped learning is an excellent way to provide a support system for families.

The How –

I used Window Media Maker to create my video. I began by writing my script first, finding visuals to correspond with my script, and then I moved to recording. This was extremely trying and I needed several takes before I had a decent recording. My microphone also wasn’t cooperating because I had to configure it before it would let me record. I’m glad I was able to troubleshoot by myself during my first movie. This whole experience was definitely a “stretch” for me.



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