Innovation plan

Implementation Outline

The steps I must follow before introducing Flipped Learning to my students.


The focus of this plan is to show how the implementation of flipped learning can contribute to student success because it increases the amount of guided instruction.

Before school begins:

  • Meet with administration to present my research on flipped learning, my solution on how to increase guided learning, discuss my plan of action, and goals.
  • Meet with other teachers on my campus to present my research on flipped learning, my solution on how to increase guided learning, discuss my plan of action, and goals.(The purpose of this is to invite other teachers to the opportunity, assist teachers with technology growth, and/or share my journey.)
  • Obtain parents’ permission for their child to participate. (During “Meet the Teacher”)
  • Provide resources that will help parents understand the purpose of flipped learning and to gain their support. (short video, create QR codes for short articles,slideshow)
  • Give each parent/student a questionnaire to determine what types of devices they have access to at home.
  •  Develop a plan for students who have limited/no access to internet from home.

First Semester:

  • Teach lesson on digital citizenship, practice locating videos on Google Classroom with students, and model expectations during video lessons.
  • create video lesson plans and upload them to Google Classroom
  • Create and introduce accountability criteria with students to ensure they are participating and watching lessons.
  • Create Guided Learning lesson plans
  • Create a station rotation to be able to work with small groups of 2-3 students. Guided time will be used for practice, reteaching, focusing on area weaknesses, and building on strengths.
  • Introduce interactive journal for students to track, record, and reflect on activities. (We will use the SeeSaw app. which allows parents to watch student activity)


  • Provide students with video lesson support (troubleshooting)
  • Engage students in whole group discussions by using question responses from the videos
  • Keeping a log and tracking students’ progress during guided learning
  • Updating parents on video lesson deadlines
  • Assist students with keeping the learning journal current
  • Provide an in class station for students to watch the video lesson and engage in an activity that corresponds with the lesson.
  • Provide updates and data to faculty and administration


To provide students with a a true 21 century learning environment where they will thrive as a result of collaborating, communicating, creating, and thinking critically.


3 thoughts on “Implementation Outline

  1. Peer Review #1
    I like that you are presenting research to support your desire to have a Flipped Classroom. Who can argue with research? Administration is more likely to back you up with research. I also think that the parent survey of technology at home, the permission from parents, and giving the parents research are key pieces. They will be aware and more likely to buy-in to the whole process. I would make sure that the research for parents does not go over their heads. An infographic or something visual like it would be best. Just like our students, parents have various comprehension levels. In addition, at my school, we would have the same info available in Spanish, as a number of our students come from Spanish-speaking homes.

    An idea for those with limited/no access: have them stay after school as an option or build it into your schedule as a station-so that those students can view it and those who have seen it can REview it.


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